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Aquarius Workstation

TeraRecon's Aquarius Workstation enables real-time diagnostic review of 2D, 3D, and 4D images for managing large thin-slice CT and MR scans. It offers a comprehensive suite of clinical application modules and has been carefully designed for streamlined workflow and ease-of-use. Large thin-slice studies such as vascular run-offs or multi-phase cardiac studies with 3,000+ slices can be rapidly loaded with segmentation, editing, analysis, and region-growing tools to distinguish pathologies, blood vessels, and bone.

AquariusNET Server

The AquariusNET server is a uniquely powerful 3D enterprise server/ thin-client solution that maximizes the utility of MDCT, MR, and other medical imaging data throughout an enterprise. This central 3D processing server delivers real-time interactive 3D imaging to networked PCs running the AquariusNET thin-client application. Because there are no license fees for the deployment of the thin-client application and it runs on any PC open desktop, it can be applied to PACS diagnostic review stations HIS, RIS, and other informatic systems without the need for complex hardware upgrades or the need to move large 3D datasets across existing networks. 

Aquarius iNtuition
iNtuition is a unified workflow platform providing an underlying foundation throughout the family of Aquarius products. It's designe delivers integrated, advanced imaging workflow into your healthcare enterprise. iNtuition leverages many advanced technologies to solve some of today’s greatest 3D workflow challenges, such as the need to review studies at many different locations or not having the luxury of an expert 3D technologist. TeraRecon can craft a workflow solution that works for you. 

Aquarius APS
Advanced Processing Server - TeraRecon’s new iNtuition workflow platform includes automated pre-processing which can  automatically perform a variety of image processing steps such as 
Bone removal and Detection of centerlines, along with other emerging technolgies in the future.

 iNtuition then enables optional validation and correction of the automatically processed data by a specialist such as a 3D technologist, allowing the reading physician to focus more time directly on diagnosis, and allowing the referring physician to directly access the 3D results for therapy planning or patient consultation.

Clinical Support

A variety of Publications, Clinical Papers and Operation Manuels are all available online
Several training videos from Radiology specialists, are also available for viewing online.

Clinical Training

Cardiac Training to ACC level 1 & 2 is now available in Australia. These training courses are comprehensive "Hands On" courses with 2 Physicians per Workstation.
These 5 day courses are provided in Sydney and Melbourne.
Please click on this link for more information: